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Genuine Cornish Pasty - Made in Cornwall

The Traditional Cornish Pasty

The Traditional Cornish Pasty
This recipe is for 4 good sized Cornish Pasties

  • 500 gms strong bread flour (It is important to use a stronger flour than normal as you need the extra strength in the gluten to produce strong pliable pastry.

  • 120 gms white shortening

  • 25 gms cake margarine

  • 5 gms salt

  • 175 gms cold water



    Mix fat lightly into flour until it resembles breadcrumbs.

    Add water and beat in a food mixer until pastry clears and becomes elastic. This will take longer than normal pastry but it gives the pastry the strength that is needed to hold the filling and retain a good shape.

    Leave to rest for 3 hours in a refrigerator, this is a very important stage as it is almost impossible to roll and shape the pastry when fresh


  • 450 gms good quality beef skirt

  • 450 gms potato

  • 250 gms Swede

  • 200 gms onion

  • Salt & pepper to taste( 2/1 ratio)

  • Clotted cream or butter

  • Chop the above finely then add to the rolled out circles of pastry raw. Layer the vegetables and meat adding plenty o f seasoning. Put your dollop of cream or a knob of butter on top. Then bring the pastry around and crimp together. Try practicing on a potato first or just flatten like a turnover and mark with a fork. Crimping is the secret to a true Cornish pasty but it really has to be taught it is almost impossible to describe.


  • Always use a firm waxy potato such as Maris pier or Wilja.

  • Put in plenty of seasoning.

  • Ensure that all your veg is freshly prepared

  • There is a great debate as to what is a turnip. To the rest of the country they are Swedes but in Cornwall they insist that the round yellow vegetable is a turnip!! Never attempt to add carrot, this is sacrilege!!

    Use a cut of BEEF called skirt. This is the underside of the belly of the animal. It's juice produces wonderful gravy, has no fat or gristle and cooks in the same amount of time as the raw vegetables.

    Butter or cream gives the pasty that extra richness.

  • Cooking time and temperature

  • Gas No6 approx 50 min-1 hour

  • Electric 210 approx 50min-1 hour

  • Fan assisted 165 approx 40 mins

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